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Crystal Reiki Master Training

Includes Attunements

"Crystals have the ability to absorb, channel, focus and emit energy. The energy of Kind Karma® Reiki will infuse the intentions of the practitioner, as well as the energetic properties of the crystals, to create a unique high vibrational frequency and resonance."  - Dean Telano

Welcome to Kind Karma® Reiki

At Kind Karma® Holistic Center we offer high quality training because our teachers are Kind Karma® Reiki Grand Masters, at the 20th level.  

Our goal is to provide an innovative, supportive and fun learning environment. Furthermore, because of the course teacher’s diversified background our program accentuate the spiritual dimension of healing as well as the energy healing dimension. 

In Peace, Holistic Health & Kind Karma,

Dean Telano, Ph.D., E-RYT 500, RCYT, RPYT, Dip AH

Kind Karma® Reiki Grandmaster, Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Animal & Pet Reiki Master, Angelic Energy Worker

Heidi Johnsen, CRYT 2,000, E-RYT 500, KKRGM-20

Kind Karma® Reiki Grandmaster-20, Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master, Animal & Pet Reiki Master

Naomi Telano, LSW, KKRGM

Kind Karma® Reiki Grandmaster-20, Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master, Animal & Pet Reiki Master

"There are many different ways in to our deepest selves, the places that carry our innate wisdom and sense of self – the places that can blossom during a time of transformation and allow us to live more fully as who we are. Reiki is one such way."

"Often Our Voice is Found in Our Continuous Compassionate Actions" 

- Dean Telano, Founder of Kind Karma® - Empowering the World to Create Kindness Karma

"Take gentle care of your crystals.  All crystals are highly sensitive and have the ability to absorb, filter and transmit energy." - Dean Telano

Crystal Reiki Master Training

What is Crystal Reiki?

Crystals have been used for centuries as tools for healing and increasing levels of awareness with each crystal being specially selected for specific frequencies and properties. Although combining Reiki with the use of crystals is relatively new, this branch of Reiki has the potential to not only transform your current Reiki practice, but our world as well. Crystal Reiki utilizes the frequencies that reside within the earth and amplifies them through the power of Reiki energy. By infusing these powerful vibrations with the consciousness of Reiki energy, the shifts can be targeted and profound.​

Just as thought needs the catalyst of presence to be effective, crystals need the energetic infusion of universal life force to transmit their balancing properties. The combination of Reiki and the crystals you use will create a unique electromagnetic signature that will send a specific signal out into the field and draw in the information needed to fulfill the set intentions. Crystal Reiki has the potential to connect you with the "Divine Reiki Source" around, helping you align with it to help yourself and others.  ​

In your Crystal Reiki sessions you will not only be in a state of heightened awareness, but you will be harnessing the universal life force energy and using crystals to focus and refine that frequency. 

"Children have a natural interest and attraction to crystals. They are keenly drawn to their energies and their combination of beauty, shape, color and texture. Children are receptive, curious and spiritual by nature, so they gravitate towards crystals and love to inspect, hold and play with them." - Dean Telano

How Crystal Reiki Works

In a Crystal Reiki session, you will use specifically selected crystals and place them in a specific layout around or on your client. The Reiki will flow through you, into the crystals and ultimately into the individual. The Reiki passing through the crystals will create a specific energetic resonance, address specific energy imbalances. 

The presence of Reiki energy amplifies the energy of the crystals and helps the body-mind of the recipient focus on specific areas of the body, conditions or levels of awareness that are ready to heal. In a Crystal Reiki session, Reiki energy is coming from above through the crown chakra while the crystals used in the session bring in a grounding energy from the earth. Together these energies work seamlessly.

One key factor that separates "Crystal Reiki" from general "Crystal Healing" is the foundational principles of Reiki. As Reiki practitioners, we understand that our role is to be the observer that holds space for  the healing within the recipient to occur. We do not diagnose or prescribe and allow the recipient's body to be the active participant in their healing. We are also detached from the outcome.  Although we set intentions at the start of a Crystal Reiki session and use our intuition as well as our understanding of crystals to focus the energy of the session, we understand that the session will proceed exactly as the recipient's body needs it to and for the highest good of all concerned.

A "Crystal Reiki" session is an energizing, healing experience for both the recipient and practitioner because Reiki energy is the amplifier in the session. Continued work with Crystal Reiki helps the practitioner to raise and balance their own awareness which extends to all areas of their life and helps to be a healing force in the lives of everyone they touch. A Crystal Reiki practitioner uses Reiki energy to create a state of presence that is focused and accesses a higher level of consciousness. This presence holds the space for Reiki energy to activate and amplify the crystal energy for an intended outcome.

"If you know the Source Code - the language of the crystals - you can communicate with the Spiritual Essence that lives within each crystal." - Dean Telano 

Description of the Kind Karma® Crystal Reiki Master Training

Weekend Crystal Reiki Teacher Training Includes:

  • Reiki principles & meditation.

  • What is Crystal Reiki and how it works.

  • History of crystals and Crystal Reiki.

  • Structures of crystals with examples.

  • How to select your crystals and which to be cautious with.

  • How to store, cleanse and charge your crystals.

  • How to connect with your crystals.

  • Preparing for Crystal Reiki sessions.

  • Performing Crystal Reiki self-treatments.

  • Performing Crystal Reiki with others.

  • Crystal Reiki Symbols.

  • Crystal Reiki Attunement.

  • Crystal Reiki grids.

  • Healing sounds that unlock the healing power of crystals.

  • Certificate of Completion.​

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