Kind Karma Outdoor Walking Meditation.

~ Labyrinth ~

A Spiritual Journey of Reflection, Restoration & Meditation With Dean Telano

It's said when you enter the labyrinth with an open heart and a clear intention,

you won't be the same upon exiting.

Along this personal, sacred journey, each mindful step helps to shed the "old you"

until the "new you" emerges -- inspired and confident to explore new directions in your life journey.

Walking the path of the labyrinth is often described as a perfect symbol of the dance

between Soul and Spirit. When the Soul and Spirit  gracefully dance together new potential arises and new ways of imagining the world appear. The world is new - different - because you have begun to see, not just from your eyes, but from the lightness of you spirit and openness of your soul.

Labyrinths are currently used worldwide as a way to quiet the mind, recover a balance in life, meditate, gain insight, self-reflect, reduce stress, and to discover innovation and celebration.

Our Labyrinths events are open to all people and all ages as a non-denominational, cross-cultural blueprint for healing and well-being. The emphasis of our labyrinth walking integrates the body and breath with the mind, and ultimately -- the mind with the SPIRIT.

Join Us and Embark on a Peaceful, Restorative and Healing Journey.

Our Labyrinth Walking Includes Energy Based Breathwork, Awaken Qigong, Meditation & Sound Healing. Labyrinth Theme, Date & Time: TBA.


Using a Mindfulness Prop 

Sound Healing

The Gong Awaits Us

Awaken Qigong 

Movement Meditation 

Awaken with Meditation

Walking with a Calming Hand Mudra 

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