Kind Karma Awaken Qigong Classes.

Benefits of Awaken Qigong

"Awaken Qigong is a natural way to achieve vibrant health by awakening your self-healing ability, and nourishing the body, mind and spirit. Its core teaching reminds us that we are the very best doctors of own soul, and the best medicine to take is, self-love."

Dr. Dean Telano

Awaken Qigong

"An Ancient Art of Holistic Healing for Today's World"

Recent studies show Medical Qigong is effective in treating disease. These studies conclude that Medical Qigong is an effective complementary treatment. In other words, it works well when used in conjunction with medication, diet, education, and all of the other things your doctor may prescribe.

Medical Qigong consists of gentle type of movements or exercises that are used to treat specific ailments and symptoms of disease. Recent studies have proven Qigong to be effective in treating:

  • Fibromyalgia.

  • Depression.

  • Anxiety.

  • Weakened immune system.

  • Parkinson’s Disease.

  • Arthritis.

  • Diabetes.

  • High blood pressure (hypertension).

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • Breast cancer.


In much the same way that physical therapy uses specially designed exercises for healing purposes, Medical Qigong uses specially designed Qigong routines to treat illness or disease.

Outdoor Kind Karma Qigong Class.
Awaken Qigong, Founder Dean Telano
Outdoor Kind Karma Qigong Class.

"Awaken Qigong consists of meditative movement infused with breathwork. Practicing this type of Qigong is an expression and reflection of being awakened and feeling alive."​ 

Dr. Dean Telano


INCREASES STRENGTH, BONE DENSITY & FLEXIBILITY: Increases muscle strength, bone density, flexibility and joint mobility; helps to prevent osteoporosis.

IMPROVES POSTURE: Improves posture though body awareness, alignment, meditative & therapeutic movement.

HELPS WITH CHRONIC PAIN & INFLAMMATION: Reduces pain & inflammation in many conditions, including injury, surgery, arthritis, back or neck problems & fibromyalgia.

IMPROVES BREATHING: Increases lung capacity, slows respiratory rate, improves gaseous exchange, and offers significant benefits for asthma & bronchitis.

IMPROVES CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: Strengthens the heart; increases circulation; lowers resting heart rate; normalizes EKG; normalizes blood pressure.

IMPROVES BRAIN HEALTH: Improves cerebral blood flow, less incidence of stroke; and reduction in frequency & intensity of seizure disorders.

PROMOTES MENTAL & EMOTIONAL HEALTH: Decreases stress response, anxiety & depression; improves memory, mental sharpness & concentration; promotes relaxation; builds emotional resiliency.

BOOSTS ENERGY LEVELS: Increases energy levels; builds stamina & endurance.

IMPROVES BALANCE: Improves balance & helps with fall reduction. Improves proprioception, which declines with age.

PROMOTES HEALING & QUICKENS RECOVERY: Speeds recovery time from injuries, surgery or long-term illness; eliminates energy stagnation and energy blockages.

HELPS TO BOOST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Bolsters & normalizes the immune system.

SUPPORTS A HEALTHY LYMPHATIC SYSTEM: Promotes lymph flow & drainage; increases the health of the lymphatic organs; helps with lymphedema.

INCREASES CIRCULATION: Improves blood flow, prevents vascular spasms, very helpful for angina, migraine & Reynaud’s Syndrome. 

IMPROVES DIGESTION & HELPS ELIMINATION: Improves digestion & massages the digestive organs & promotes elimination.

WEIGHT LOSS: Increases the body’s metabolism; diminishes cravings for excess & unhealthy food- especially due to stress, tension or from imbalances in the body & mind.

LONGEVITY:  Normalizes blood pressure, vital capacity, cholesterol & hormone levels, mental acuity, vision and hearing, skin elasticity, bone density, immune function, digestion, balance, flexibility, strength, and libido; and helps to destroys free radicals.

HEALERS: Enhances the effects of healing work such as Reiki, therapeutic massage & craniosacral therapy.

SPIRITUAL: Improves the body, mind & spirit connection; encourages spiritual growth, personal transformation & self-empowerment.

Awaken Qigong Class.