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Awaken Qigong

"Awaken Qigong is a natural way to achieve vibrant health by awakening your self-healing ability, and nourishing the body, mind and spirit. Its core teaching reminds us that we are the very best doctors of own soul, and the best medicine to take is, self-love."

- Dr. Dean Telano

"Awaken Qigong is an Ancient Art of Holistic Healing for Today's World."  - Dr. Dean Telano

Qigong is a Combination of Two Words

"Qi” (pronounced chee) means energy, breath, vitality or life-force. Qi is a subtle, very fine material that pervades the universe and affects all aspects of life. "Gong” (pronounced gung) is often translated as cultivating, but definitions may include skill or achievement that is accomplished through practice and discipline.   

"Qigong," therefore, is the practice of working with, cultivating and strengthening vital life-force in the body. 

"Awaken Qigong" Classes Consists of Five Parts 

  • Medical Qigong: Medical Qigong is one of the core forms of medical treatment in Chinese medicine, along with acupuncture, herbal remedies, and Tui Na (massage). Medical Qigong combines the use of physical movements with breathwork, awareness, creative visualization, and intention. Medical Qigong focuses on clearing energy blockages, eliminating toxic or stagnant energies, increasing vibrational energy and promoting holistic health.

  • Awaken Qigong with Taiji Ruler: This is a rarely taught form of Qigong, and considered a true jewel of Chinese Taoist Alchemy. The movement patterns are specifically designed to enhance the flow of Qi and balance it throughout the body, imparting good health, lots of energy, and longevity. Practicing Qigong with the Taiji Ruler can be used for self-healing; holistic fitness; and internal energy support for anyone involved with the healing, movement arts, bodywork, yoga or martial arts. 

  • Crystal Awaken Qigong (Class Series is Taught during Specific Calendar Months): Crystal Awaken Qigong Classes, designed by Dr. Dean Telano, utilizes specific crystals with particular qigong movements, focal points, sequences and breathing techniques to achieve intended outcomes.  ​

  • Walking Qigong Meditation: Walking meditation is a powerful form of meditation and has been used to remedy many chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, rheumatism, hepatitis, allergies, heart disease, as well as to significantly reduce negative effects caused by chemotherapy, radiation, and medication.

  • Healing Sounds Awaken QigongThese specific sounds are often combined with body movement, hand gestures, visualization and focused intent. By using associated sounds, stale, congested qi can be expelled from the affected organ and be replaced with fresh, clear qi. The healing sounds also boost the immune system; move congested energy; cleanse the body of physical toxic energies; transform stuck emotional energy; increase vibrational energy; and promote general well being.

"Awaken Qigong awakens your inner energy healer, breath spirit, light essence and mind of clarity."

- Dr. Dean Telano

Additional Information for "Awaken Qigong" Classes

What to Wear

  • Ultimately you can do Qigong in any kind of clothing, but comfortable clothing is recommended for this class. It’s helpful if you wear loose fitting clothing and leave jewelry at home. If you wear neck or wrist malas, remove them before class begins. T-shirts and sweatpants are fine. If you are wearing a belt, keep it loose during Qigong practice. Avoid restrictive, tight clothing because it makes it harder to move. For indoor footwear, we recommend you purchase cloth bottom Kung Fu shoes. It is not advisable to wear only socks because socks can be slippery. 


  • Medical Qigong is not difficult to learn and you don’t need to have prior experience or be at a certain physical fitness level. Qigong is often described as simple to learn, easy to practice, and difficult to master. 

What to Expect during Class

  • During our warm ups we are more informal and light-hearted. This simple approach combined with our Qigong breathing and gentle movement sequence helps us to relax, clear our minds, and focus for the main part for the part of the class. During the main lesson please avoid talking loudly or excessively as you may distract students or miss what the instructor is teaching. Qigong requires a quiet and calm atmosphere, so please help to create a productive learning experience. Try to enter the class with an eagerness to learn, a good attitude, an open mind and a warm heart.  Please arrive 10 minutes early and turn off your cell phone, or any electronic devices, prior to class practice.

Cost, Dates, Time: TBA.


  • "Crystal Awaken Qigong" and "Awaken Qigong" classes differ from one another. Hence, credit in any way, shape of form cannot be put towards one another.


Awaken Qigong is not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any medical or psychological condition. It is not intended as a replacement or substitute for medical treatment from a health care provider for any medical or psychological condition, nor should it be used as such. For such issues, you should seek the proper treatment from a licensed physician or healthcare professional. Be sure to consult your physician before starting this or any other exercise program.

Dr. Dean Telano, Main Awaken Qigong Instructor 

Dean Telano, Ph.D, E-RYT 500, RCYT, RPYT, KKRGM-24

Medical Qigong Instructor, Exercise Physiologist, Restorative Yoga Therapist, Gong Master, Shaman of the Fae, Kind Karma® Reiki Grand Master-24

Dean's Qigong Training & Experience

  • *Initiated into the Dragon Gate Taoist Lineage through Sifu Sat Chuen Hon — 21st Dragon Gate Lineage Holder of the Complete Reality Taoist School.

  • Medical Qigong Therapist.

  • Certified in Qigong Healing- Level 4 (Advanced Level: Grandmaster Dr. Warner Chen, 2001).

  • Certified as Medical Qigong Educator (Sifu Sat Chuen Hon).

  • Certified in Chinese Medical Qigong: The Three Treasures Form (Master Tina Chunna Zhang).

  • Certified in Standing Healing & Relaxation Forms (Master Tianyou Hao).

  • Founder of “Awaken Qigong" & "Crystal Awaken Qigong".

  • Martial Arts - Hung-Ga Kung Fu/Si Lum Hung Kuen; Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan); Baguazhang.

  • National Qigong Association - Professional Member.

*DRAGON GATE is a 14th century Taoist lineage of internal qi/energy circulation through gentle movement,

breathing exercises, sound, hand mudra and sacred calligraphy.

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