Kind Karma Qigong Class for Children.
Kind Karma Qigong Class for Children.

"Awaken Qigong is an Ancient Art of Holistic Healing for Today's World."  - Dr. Dean Telano

Consists of Mind-Body Exercises, Breathwork, Sound Therapy & Lots of Fun!

Includes Meditation, Mindfulness & Relaxation Techniques.

The Many Positive Effects of Qigong for Children

  • Children of all ages can benefit from Qigong. 

  • Positive, inspiring, empowering and fun for children!

  • Consists of easy to learn, gentle and safe movements.

  • Clears and calms the mind and leads to a relaxed state. 

  • Releases stress, tension and anxiety.

  • Helps to channel difficult or unsettling emotions, grief or trauma.

  • Helps children to meditate, concentrate and focus.

  • Builds positive character and boosts self-esteem and confidence. 

  • Promotes self control, patience and mindfulness.

  • Improves listening skills.

  • Helps children to embody by asking them: "how are they feeling now?"

  • Promotes body awareness and correct posture.

  • Improves strength, flexibility, joint mobility, coordination and balance.

  • Encourages a noncompetitive, supportive environment.

  • Promotes kindness and compassion towards others.
  • Teaches different forms of meditation, such as walking meditation.
  • Qigong is a holistic system of energy healing.

"Awaken Qigong is a natural way to achieve vibrant health by awakening your self-healing ability, and nourishing the body, mind and spirit. Its core teaching reminds us that we are the very best doctors of own soul, and the best medicine to take is, self-love."

Dr. Dean Telano

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