Kind Karma®

Reiki Meridian Therapy (RMT)

Level 2: Yang Meridians

Kind Karma® Reiki Meridian Therapy (RMT) - Level 2

Integrates noninvasive meridian healing of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

and the Japanese healing method of Reiki with additional holistic health modalities.

Welcome to Kind Karma® Reiki

At Kind Karma® Holistic Center we offer high quality training because our teachers are Kind Karma® Reiki Grand Masters, at the 20th level.  

Our goal is to provide an innovative, supportive and fun learning environment. Furthermore, because of the course teacher’s diversified background our program accentuate the spiritual dimension of healing as well as the energy healing dimension. 

In Peace, Holistic Health & Kind Karma,

Dean Telano, Ph.D., E-RYT 500, RCYT, RPYT, KKRGM-24

Kind Karma® Reiki Grandmaster, Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Animal & Pet Reiki Master, Angelic Energy Worker

Heidi Johnsen, CRYT 2,000, E-RYT 500, KKRGM-20

Kind Karma® Reiki Grandmaster-20, Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master, Animal & Pet Reiki Master

Naomi Telano, LSW, KKRGM

Kind Karma® Reiki Grandmaster-20, Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master, Animal & Pet Reiki Master

"Kind Karma® Reiki Meridian Therapy (RMT) restores energetic balance, promotes a healthy flow of energy along the meridian pathways and targets specific energy centers and zones that have a positive, healthy effect on your organs, body, mind and emotions."

- Dean Telano

"Meridians, energy channels, are incredibly sensitive. They can carry the effects of stimulation in the form of healing energy throughout your entire being. It's this special quality that allows the Reiki, Awaken Qigong Exercises, Sound, Aromatherapy and the powerful FES Technique to work."

- Dean Telano

Level 2 Training Course Covers 

  • Yang Meridians:

    • Stomach Meridian (Leg Yang Ming).

    • Bladder Meridian (Leg Tai Yang).

    • Gall Bladder Meridian (Leg Shao Yang).

    • Large Intestine Meridian (Arm Yang Ming).

    • Small Intestine Meridian (Arm Tai Yang).

    • Triple Burner/San Jiao (Arm Shao Yang).

  • Specific Healing Energy Centers and Zones.

  • Awaken Qigong Exercises, Breathwork and Meditation.

  • Techniques of how to give Reiki* to the energy channels, and  significant energy points and zones.

  • The F.E.S. Healing, Aura Cleansing & Energy Protection Technique.   A Shamanic Healing Technique channeled by Dr. Dean Telano.

  • Students will receive the FES Symbol Attunement.

  • Students Receive Certificate of Completion.

Prerequisites for Level 2 Training

  • Kind Karma® Reiki Meridian Therapy 1.

2020 3-Month Schedule - Level 2 Training

  • TBA.

Registration & Cost

  • Contact - Naomi.

"According to TCM, as long as Qi flows freely through your meridians and your organs work in harmony, your body can remain healthy. This means that when your body’s meridian system functions well, you are well. Yet due to a number of causes—like excess stress—your body’s meridians can become clogged or even blocked. This affects the function of the corresponding organ and ultimately the whole body-mind-spirit." (

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