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"When the student is ready, the teacher arrives..... Dean Telano (Sukh Shabad Singh) is, for me, that teacher.  Not only did he appear to guide me to the start of my yoga journey – which began with Reiki training, then was complemented with Meditation and Yin Yoga trainings, he has been leading his students and myself on a path of personal and spiritual growth and I, for one, have been a very willing follower. He is insightful, knowing what each student needs to hear to help guide them to that which will give them the tools for growth in their own awakenings. He is kind and compassionate while adhering to the rigors of the traditions to which he has been initiated and is sharing with his students.  I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from Sukh Shabad.  He has helped me to listen more intently and appreciate more fully my inner voice, gifts and talents.  By appreciating them more and sharing with others, hopefully I, in turn, can be the teacher who arrives for someone else.'" 

- Linda C.

"At a time in my life where I felt I had nowhere left to turn, fate you might say, brought me to Sukh Shabad Singh.  My mother who had spent some time in a few of the programs he offered, set me up with an appointment to meet with him in hopes to better understand all the turmoil that I had been experiencing in my life.  From that point on I began a transformation that would forever change my life and those around me.  I later joined the Rahini Yoga Teacher Certification and continued my incredible journey with the most amazing guidance I could've ever imagined.  Not only did I feel like I had a guru in Sukh Shabad, but I also felt as if his guidance was what had always been missing from my life.  His personalized dedication and devotion to his students and those he mentors and heals is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  He has been a solid foundation in my life that has helped me to become the person I was always meant to be.  He has been my mentor, he has been my compass, he has been my light at the end of a very dark and very long tunnel. I am forever grateful for all that he has done for me and hope that one day I can help spread love and healing to others in a way that makes him proud."  

- Emily

"Sukh Shabad is one of the most compassionate, kind, caring and loving man that I have ever know, always putting others before him. I have the privilege and honor to be Sukh Shabad’s student since 2010, he’s been my teacher (Rahini yoga, meditation, Qigong, Reiki, Yin yoga, Gong sounds), my coach and my spiritual guide. He has helped me  patiently over the years, to find the best in me, pushed me out of my comfort zone to find growth, find confidence and kindness for myself, allowing a beautiful transformation. I am amazed of his incredible knowledge and gifts, in so many different arts. He’s extremely professional and his passion to teach to his students in striking. He’s a true inspiration, and a true light non only for his students but for our community." 


"I have been a student of Sukh Shabad for over 5 years.  He was my teacher for my Rahini Yoga Training and becoming a Reiki Master. I have taken Meditation courses and Qigong classes taught by Sukh Shabad and will continue to take future classes taught by him. He is an excellent teacher that has large breadth of knowledge in multiple areas and teaches them with wisdom and compassion.  He is able to draw for each of his areas of expertise to help the student understand what he is teaching but also how to incorporate it into everybody life.  He is always willing to help but does not always gives an answer but instead guides you so that one can find the answer on their own which makes it more substantial. Under his guidance Sukh Shabad has helped me start on my path to becoming a Yogi,  helped me to really start to understand my self which helped control my anger and made me more compassionate to everyone which in turn allowed me to learn from them.  In other words, Sukh Shabad teaching have impacted my life in a very positive way." 

- Mary Anne

"When I think  of Sukh Shabad, First word comes to mind is gratitude. I am so grateful for him and all that he does for me and so many countless people. He is a true blessing to this world. His wisdom and knowledge  is immense, and he shares so much of it. He is so caring, giving, he is a natural healer and amazing teacher.  He has helped me in my journey of healing my life. He has given me the knowledge and  tools to help  myself and others heal their lives. He is helping me fulfill my destiny in helping others.  I have not had an easy life.  I was directed to him when I needed him the most, he helped me get through the most difficult point in my life and I am   forever grateful for him. I know the  countless number of lives he has touched have as much gratitude for him as I do. He is truly a blessing."

- Jessica

"Sukh Shabad has a strong, but gentle presence. He has been influential in so many lives, as he practices what he believes. His passion for healing and learning is evident in everything he does. I've never known someone with such commitment in helping people to learn about healing themselves and others. Always seeking out new and exciting ways to heal with gentle practices. When in his presence you can feel his compassion and how he looks inside himself to find something unique to your situation, to help you. This is why so many people are drawn to him for assistance. He is like a modern day Guru. Offering gentle guidance when asked, but never presumptive or judgmental. I have benefited and grown over the years, having participated in many of his programs and have seen many others benefit greatly as well. I am truly thankful for his expert guidance and look forward to expanding my horizons."  

- Jean

Sukh Shabad Singh...He is so much more than the teacher to us always inspiring...His depth of knowledge, enthusiasm and complete devotion to all of us individually. Not only in his teaching of Rahini Yoga but he is our guide to helping us learn who we are, what we are made of and how we want to live our lives...How we will share what we have with others. Being apart of Rahini Yoga has truly been a wonderful transformation. So much so that the changes in me inspired my daughter Emily to take the journey of Rahini Yoga and it has brought peace and wonder to her life. I will always be a part of Rahini Yoga and it will always be a part of me. I am eternally grateful for the day I walked into that studio"  

Eileen L.

"I’ve been working ridiculous hours. Anywhere from 10 to 16 hour days, plus travel time, and very stressful.  BUT I have made time for our wonderful Qigong every morning and every night. I truly believe that that has saved me.  Thank you for giving me this wonderful gift!"  - Dot

"Several months ago, I began meeting with Sukh Shabad because of difficulties in dealing with problems and stress at work and at home that were beginning to compromise my physical and mental health. With Sukh Shabad’s guidance through yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, in a short time I have gained insight and balance in dealing with these difficulties. I have learned to calm my mind and ease the strain in my body. Most importantly, spiritually I am finding peace and the feeling that I am not alone. My transformation is continuing daily and reaching higher and higher levels of inner peace and humility…ahhh!"  

- Eileen

"Sukh Shabad gave me the tools (and inspiration) necessary to heal and move forward.  The incredible preparation and care that went into our meeting tended to every level of my being …  levels that I didn’t even know existed.  Sukh Shabad has a unique gift to share an extraordinary amount of information without overwhelming.  His wisdom, compassion, and connection are truly remarkable.  I left feeling empowered, and with a sense of wellness and gratitude. Very Powerful." 

- Annie

"Dean is completely amazing!!! Wealth of knowledge to help your specific need. His therapeutic yoga that was individualized for our son, Anthony, has extremely helped him. We practice often, which has its own benefits. We are truly blessed to have met Dean - in God’s Peace."  


"Sukh Shabad helped guide me to make better choices in my life. He helped me to analyze what I was doing wrong and helped me figure out ways to correct my mistakes so I wouldn’t repeat them. He also taught and guided me to find peace within myself and helped me overcome my battle with anxiety. He also guided me towards the right path in my life – helping me get my life back together, so I can find hope for a better future."  

- Mike M.

"Very simply, Sukh Shabad Singh has changed my life – a life I never knew that could actually exist, and I’m forever grateful.  I have been a student of Sukh Shabad’s for 10 years and a graduate of many of his programs, and continue to study with him  – Rahini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Gong & Sound Resonance Training, Meditation, Reiki Master, Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki, and Radiant Health Qigong  He has put me on a journey unlike no other – a journey of healing not only myself but others as well.  Sukh Shabad is an incredible and amazing teacher – my spiritual teacher.  His compassion, wisdom, patience, knowledge and eagerness to share is unbelievable.  He is the bright healing light we all look for.

- Heidi

"I was first introduced to the studio when a friend saw the flyer for the grand opening and gave it to me. I was welcomed by such positive energy and warm people I new it was going to be the place for me to continue my yoga practice. After practicing in the studio for a year I decided to make the life changing commitment to take the 200 hr Rahini teacher training program – founded by Dean Telano. It was the best thing I ever did for my self and the others I have taught and my family. I have experienced many healing meditations all over long island and all I can say is wow you should experience one with Dean  your self. I have done 2 levels of reiki training with Dean again there are no words to express the healing he has to offer to everyone. You have to experience it your self.  I am currently enrolled in the level 2 healing meditation program. in the past 2 years my meditation practice has become so deep and relaxing i can feel the healing within. This studio goes above and beyond to spread universal prayer and well being to our community. The prayer sangha is another easy and powerful way to send prayer and dedications to those in need. I will be a forever student of the true living yoga family."  

- Nicole H.

"As soon as I entered the meditation class at True Living Yoga, I knew I had found something special. There was an atmosphere of warmth and caring that made me feel immediately welcome at home. Dean is gentle and an expert guide through the process of meditation. He has an unique ability to combine easy-to-follow steps with a deep understanding of the meaning behind the hand positions and breathing. His joy is contagious, and I always leave feeling both calm and energized."  

- Myra

"Heading as a 1100hr Rahini yoga student of Dr. Dean Telano, I am blessed to see all the wonderful, beautiful things he does for the world. Dr. Dean Telano brings us out of the darkness into divine light. He teaches us how to bring gratitude into every aspect of our lives, and how having gratitude will transform our perception and perspective. Dr. Dean Telano's  is patient, compassionate, full of wisdom and endless knowledge. He creates a safe, nurturing space for his students to learn and grow. He teaches us how to always be in action, and the way to navigate through our challenges in the present moment. After over 20 years of sexual abuse and trauma, I now live a life that is safe and surrounded by divine light. The trauma taught me to shut down, and Dr. Dean Telano taught me how to overcome that. No matter how traumatic my past was, meeting Sukh Shabad and becoming his student was the greatest blessing life has given me. Under Dr. Dean Telano's guidance our lives become more beautiful and truly feel like a gift. We learn how being alive is blessing, and that we have the choice in how we respond to what happens to us and what happens around us. Dr. Dean Telano teaches us how to be kind karma creators, and how this changes and raises the vibration of the whole world."

- Lauren M.

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