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  • By Dean Telano

"Crystals for Kindness". Creating Kind Karma® with Blue Kyanite Crystals.

'Crystals for Kindness' is part of Kind Karma's Worldwide Initiative called, Teach All Loving Kindness - T.A.L.K. The 'Crystals for Kindness' initiative teaches us how to anchor our energies of light, love and compassion with a more connected, joyful and inspired way of life. - Dean Telano

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"Crystals are magic, soothing LIGHT elixirs for our emotions, nervous system and energy body. They are alchemical tools gifted to us by Mother Earth, the Angels, Ascended Masters and the Divine Source." - Dean Telano

Crystals for Kindness

"Blue Kyanite"

Kind Karma

"The Blue Kyanite Crystal appears and feels solid, only because we are using our basic human senses. If you approach it from your soul sense, you will begin to realize it's a beautiful liquid droplet of light that contains the BLUEprint of Angelic Light Harmonics. This Angelic droplet increases our vibrational frequency and light quotient to strengthen our celestial light body." - Dean Telano

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Kyanite gets its name from the Greek word, kyanos, meaning blue. Blue Kyanite is the most widespread color of kyanite crystals and is the type most often seen. The most outstanding property that all colors of kyanite are known for is the ability to bring all of the chakras (energy centers) into alignment, hence the name, "crystal of alignment". This high vibration crystal dispels negativity or toxic energies. Additional colors of kyanite are: green, orange, blue-green, black, white, gray, pink or yellow.

Many crystal workers believe this crystal is so powerful it never needs to be cleansed. However, read the following blog to learn how to cleanse your crystals:

The Kindness Qualities of Blue Kyanite Crystals

  • It's amplifies the heart qualities of: love, joy, compassion, peace and kindness.

  • Reduces anger, frustration and stress; and removes negative thoughts and unhealthy thought patterns.

  • Aligns our way of thinking and living with our higher soul purpose.

  • Helps clear blocks to our spiritual attainment.

  • Cuts through fears and blockages, helping to speak with truth, integrity and authenticity.

  • Excellent crystal for meditation, as it promotes deep states of calm and relaxation.

  • One of the best crystals to use during energy work because of its protective and healing properties.

  • Its draws light from higher dimensions, radiant realms, and quarters of luminosity.

  • Clears your energy pathways and super-cleanses the aura.

  • Creates bridges of light for healing, channeling, and one's inner work.

  • Aids in receiving intuitive and psychic thoughts, as well as dream recall.

Create Kind Karma

Kind Karma

Blue Kyanite Crystals are used during

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