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  • By Dean Telano

Kind Karma® Awaken Qigong: Paint a Rainbow.

"Awaken Qigong" is part of Kind Karma's Mission Program called, "TALK" - Teach All Loving Kindness. TALK is about teaching others how to connect with their own innate Loving Kindness and building a global community of Kind Karma Creators. TALK is a call-to-action and its aim is to teach people specific methods of how to choose kindness in their lives, and to share Kind Karma® to those with whom they share the world. Awaken Qigong is one such method to assist in this calling.

"TALK, one of Kind Karma's mission programs, is a call-to-action and

its aim is to teach people specific methods of how to choose kindness in their lives,

and to share positive karma to those with whom they share the world." - Dean Telano

Dean Telano

"Awaken Qigong is a simple, gentle, and effective method for helping you experience optimal health.

Practicing this type of Qigong is an expression and reflection of being and feeling alive."​ Dean Telano

"Awaken Qigong is a natural way to achieve vibrant health by nourishing

your body, mind and spirit, and awakening your self-healing ability.

Its core teaching reminds us that we are the very best doctors of own soul,

and the best medicine to take is - self-love, compassion and kindness." - Dean Telano

This is Part of Awaken Qigong's "Flow" Sequence

Awaken Qigong Flow Exercise #7

Kind Karma Awaken Qigong

"Painting a Rainbow in the Sky":

Radiant Rainbow Dance (a)

Kind Karma Awaken Qigong

"Painting a Rainbow in the Sky":

Radiant Rainbow Dance (b)

Movement: Repeat 6-8 Times

  1. Raise both arms above the head as you breathe in, and slightly straighten the legs and arms – palms facing together.

  2. Move weight to right leg, bending the knees at the same time. Straighten the left leg slightly lifting the heel off the ground (only if this is comfortable to do so).

  3. Lean your arms from one side to another as if painting a rainbow above your head, while you transfer the weight from right to left foot and pelvis moves opposite to hands. Keep your elbows and wrists slightly bent.

  4. When left palm is over Baihui (crown of your head) and right palm horizontal to the earth at almost shoulder height, gaze into the palm of the right hand. Do the opposite on the other side.

  5. Breathe in as the hands move to the center and exhale as they move to the left or to the right. Inhale and exhale through the nose (only if it’s comfortable to do so).

Mindful Qigong Tips

  • Your hand movements should be coordinated with your breath, gentle and flowing.

  • Try not to drop your hands below shoulder height. However, avoid tension building up in the shoulders. During the Radiant Rainbow Dance exercise, keep your shoulders relaxed.

  • The best way to get the Qi (universal life force energy) working in this particular movement is to relax and allow the breath to release any tension.

  • Gently cast your gaze at palms of your moving hands (Lao Gong - Pericardium 8). Be sure not to strain your neck when turning your head side-to-side.

Health Benefits

  • Relieves back pain, normalizes blood pressure, aids digestion, relieves stomachache, alleviates gastric ulcer pain, decreases fat around the waist & relieves shoulder pain.

  • The rocking motion from leg to leg creates a strong connection with Earth Qi (energy), increases relaxation and restores vitality.

  • In some cases, helps to relieve headaches.

  • Moving the eyes as you create the shape of the rainbow improves brain health and fitness.

  • Healing Qi (universal life force energy) will fill the heart and pericardium channels (meridians).

  • In Chinese medicine, this exercise relates to the Wood element and is very good for Liver Qi.

  • Removes blockages in the flow of Qi in your side energy meridians.

"When practicing Radiant Rainbow Dance, embrace the opposites, open into the realm of letting go, and flow into your own creative energies." - Dean Telano

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