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Top 30 Crystals for Kids. Kind Karma Reiki.

"Kids R Key" & "All Kids Matter" are Worldwide Holistic Initiatives for all children, and are part of Kind Karma's Global Movement of Creating Kindness. This is part of our Kind Karma's Initiative because we believe all kids are the "KEY" to creating the world's future of Kind Karma® or Loving Kindness.


Kind Karma Reiki
Kind Karma Reiki

"Children have a natural interest and attraction to crystals. They are keenly drawn to their energies and their combination of beauty, shape, color and texture. Children are receptive, curious and spiritual by nature, so they gravitate towards crystals and love to inspect, hold and play with them." - Dean Telano

Children are very sensitive to the subtle energies of crystals. They can easily absorb the crystal's innate information and qualities they have to offer. Crystals often have a very quick effect on children. This means when working with crystals and children, the crystal practitioner needs to be fully aware of how the crystals can potentially affect the child's health, and his or her emotions and feelings.

Sometimes it's best to allow children to pick and choose crystals that they feel are right for them. Allow them to touch, feel, hold and play with the crystals. All crystals are different and unique, and stronger than others, so starting at a slow pace allows the child to tune in and match their vibration and frequency to that of the crystal or crystals they are drawn to.

Kind Karma Reiki

“30 Healing Crystals for Children”

  • Amethyst: This powerful crystal can help to release any negativity, provide support through transitions and encourage rest. Calms the mind, reduces stress, helps with nightmares and promotes restful sleep. Simply place a stone under their pillow before going to bed at night and the gentleness of the stone will help them with a soothing sleep. For children with various disabilities or with either emotional or physical pain, an Amethyst cluster in their room will help clear unwanted energies, bringing the room into a balanced state.

  • Apache Tears: Helps children with any form of sadness or dealing with trauma or loss. When you hold a small piece up to the light you can see through it. However, if you have been using the Apache Tear to absorb negative emotions, you will see it cloud up and become opaque. Sometimes it will clear up after the grieving is over.

  • Black Tourmaline: Clears any negative energy or blockages in the home and body. This crystal helps to absorb electromagnetic frequencies and environmental pollution.

  • Blue Lace Agate/Agates: This crystal helps children who are argumentative or have a short temper. Promotes feelings of inner calm and peace, and reduces worry, anxiety and anxiousness. Allows for peaceful and calm communication. It can help children connect with their inner wisdom as they go out into the world. In general, agates bestow self-confidence and courage. Agates are healing and cleansing and help to eliminate negative energies.

  • Carnelian: Builds confidence, focus, concentration and stimulates creativity. Encourages love between parents and children. Also used for dermatological ailments such as eczema and acne by holding the stone over the skin and moving it in circles for several minutes, several times a day.

  • Charoite: This crystal aids with insomnia and difficulty settling to sleep.

  • Citrine: This crystal is useful for self-confidence and self-esteem issues. Helps children to focus and manifest. Citrine is a crystal of light, abundance and happiness.

  • Clear Quartz: This crystal transforms disharmonious thought patterns and negative emotional states into positive way of thinking, clarity and high resonance. You can set an intention with this crystal and use it to help amplify and manifest your child’s desires.

  • Fluorite: Fluorite is home to rainbows and invites positive and calming energy in. Fluorite neutralizes negative energy and restores balance.

  • Fushite: Connects children to the magic that they still believe in. It is a powerful healing stone that encourages joyfulness, relaxation and miracles.

  • Green Apatite: This crystal can help the growth and transformation of your child.

  • Green Aventurine: A leadership crystal – children who are shy, timid, or suppress their leadership qualities would benefit from this crystal’s ability to help initiate action. This green crystal is loving, embracing, and protective of the heart. Aventurine is also said to open up the lungs and provide some relief for respiratory ailments. Is known as the good luck crystal, therefore perfect for children taking exams or needing some encouragement. It is also a crystal of leadership and therefore excellent for shy children. Green Aventurine stimulates creativity, enthusiasm and independence.

  • Hematite: This crystal can be used to help a child ground themselves and to create a safe and protected space around them. When it touches the skin, it immediately brings balance, calm and centering. Provides protection and dispels negativity. Gives children strength and courage.

  • Howlite: A tranquility stone crystal. It calms communication, enhances emotional expression, and eliminates stress, rage and rudeness. It assists with the attainment of goals by encouraging ambition and eliminating hesitation.

  • Jade: This crystal can help keep the inspiration alive in a child while ensuring their emotions are not overwhelming, especially for emotionally sensitive children. Enhances self-assurance and self-reliance.

Kind Karma Kids R Key

Crystals are wonderful companions for children. Friends for life.

  • Lapis Lazuli: An incredible stabilizer for children who show psychic gifts early in life. The deep blue color stimulates expansion of consciousness, promoting purification and clarity of spiritual insight. This crystal offers protection.

  • Moldavite: A crystal for sensitive children who find it difficult as an incarnate on the earth, and who cannot adjust to suffering and deep emotions. Many such children are “star children” who have come to aid the earth in its time of transition to a new vibration. They are not used to the heavy energies of earth and find it difficult to integrate their spiritual bodies into the physical, and need to ground.

  • Moonstone: It is a soothing and gentle crystal that helps to prevent nightmares, help children with sleeping problems and establish a regular sleeping rhythm. Helpful for children who are hyperactive.

  • Orange Calcite: Assists in dissolving fears and building self­-esteem and courage. Helps children to achieve their best potential.

  • Pink Tourmaline: This crystal helps children recovering from abuse. It brings deep comforting love energy. It transforms negative behavior into positive behavior

  • Pyrite: Reflects negative energy away. It also instills a feeling of physical empowerment.

  • Red Jasper: This bright crystal can help provide children with courage and help them to release worries that they have been experiencing.

  • Rhodonite: Often called the Rescue crystal. Helps to release fear. Children should rub it in his or her hand when feeling impatient. Brings about a feeling of calm, compassion and forgiveness.

  • Rose Quartz: This crystal has a gentle and loving energy, which helps children learn unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion. Soothes erratic emotional states, compulsive behaviors, stress and anxiety. This crystal helps children to express their emotions.

  • Selenite: A high vibrational crystal, Selenite is a great emotional cleanser for children who are feeling negative, overwhelmed, consumed with worrying or experiencing sad or hurt feelings. Selenite is very calming for children, cleanses the aura (energy field) and clears energy blockages.

  • Sodalite: This deep blue crystal is a great calmer, and can help children think more clearly. Taking this to school or placing it where your children do their homework will help them to focus.

  • Sunstone: Carries the light and happy energies of the Sun. This crystal offers protection for children and helps balance feelings of possessiveness.

  • Tigers Eye: A protective and grounding crystal that helps kids sharpen their senses, increase intuition, enhance clarity, and aid in good decision making. Tiger's Eye helps with confidence and is very grounding.

  • Turquoise: This crystal is helpful if your child has difficulty asking others for help. Allows the child to relax and let go.

  • Variscite: This crystal is excellent to aid any child with stress or anxiety. It instills inner peace and harmony to the heart, and generates feelings of love, kindness and compassion.

Kind Karma Crystals

"Helpful Crystal Tips"

  1. You may find it helpful to place crystals that promote rest and relaxation in their bedroom.

  2. For school, you can place the crystals inside their backpack or pockets. In a school environment, crystals can assist children in feeling safe and protected, and reduce feelings of inadequacy or separation anxiety.

  3. If your child needs a reminder of how special they are, a bracelet, necklace or touchstone in their pocket can be a supportive, loving gift.

  4. For an older child: you can place the crystals inside a pouch, in their homework area or under their pillow.

  5. For younger children: you can place the crystals under the bed to tune into their energy. However, to avoid a choking hazard: place the crystals inside a well closed pouch or box just in case the child finds it. Always emphasize safety!

  6. For children, tumbled and polished crystals are usually the best bet as they will withstand more wear and tear and are less likely to scratch or snag clothing.

  7. Remind your child to care for their crystals and to set them in the sun (not too long) or moonlight when they feel called to for clearing. This will teach the child the importance of responsibility and foster mindfulness.

  8. Encourage children to express their creative energies by making pictures, jewelry or other artwork with crystals.

  9. For long distant healing, create a crystal grid for the child with a combination of the crystals that are listed.

Kind Karma Reiki

Kind Karma Reiki

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